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Debra Krych: Changing brands CAN change your life...
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I was introduced to Shaklee while living in Montana.  My husband was putting a septic tank and drain field in our yard because our cesspool had failed.  A friend asked if he could tell us about Shaklee.  He assured us we would never have a problem with our new septic system if we used Shaklee products.

That got our attention!

When he came over, he told use the whole Shaklee story - Dr. Shaklee's philosophy, the heritage of the company, the Shaklee difference, their unique products and the business opportunity.

My husband started on a foundational nutrition program and had great results.  Since I was pregnant at the time, I was very skeptical of supplements.  My interest was the non-toxic cleaners.  But after watching my husband experience more energy I decided I wanted that too.  My sponsor helped me start a program that would meet my specific needs.  I felt better in 3 days.  That was 34 years ago!

Since then, we raised our family on Shaklee products and enjoyed exceptional health and well-being.  Now we help others do the same and get paid for it.

We are very thankful we were introduced to Shaklee.